RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

RubinBrown’s culture creates an inspiring environment for team members to pursue personal passions and entrepreneurial endeavors while maintaining a high-caliber, professional atmosphere.

RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members







What is an Inspired Team Member

P eople are the greatest asset of any business. With passionate, knowledgeable, and inspired employees, any business can succeed and reach the goals it strives to attain. At RubinBrown, we don’t refer to our employees as employees, instead everyone that works at RubinBrown is a team member. The phrase team member reinforces the idea that we are all in this together, as one firm, a team, building towards a collective vision. But, what good are just team members if they are not inspired to strive for greatness and take their level of service new heights? To reach new levels in business, team members must be inspired and in turn, can then deliver results for clients, each other, their community, and the firm as a whole.



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When RubinBrown was founded in 1952, our founders, Harvey Brown and Mahlon Rubin, set a standard for inspiration, even when the firm only had a few team members. Harvey and Mahlon understood that to deliver superior quality and service for our clients, we need to have inspired team members.

inspired team members at the heart of our vision


What is an Inspired Team Member

totally satisfied clients superior quality and service...

be your best for others the firm’s cultural foundation...

“The idea of inspired team members has been here since the beginning, since Mahlon and Harvey founded the firm. People talk about it all the time, and it is top of mind.”

Manager, 9 years of service



The dictionary defines the word “inspired” as “imbued with the spirit to do something.” While the importance of doing our work is essential to our business, inspired team members take it to the next level…they are not only doing their work and doing it well, but they are passionate about it, and passionate about their fellow team members, the firm, and the communities in which we live and work.

“An inspired team member brings the best version of themselves to work because they want to contribute to the collective work of the team.”

Partner, 14 years of service How do you know when a team member is inspired? There is not a one-size fits all approach to determine if a team member is inspired. Essentially, you know an inspired team member when you see one.


What is an Inspired Team Member

“You can tell when you see someone, and they are inspired. They elevate the room and the conversation.”

Partner, 20 years of service

“An inspired team member is someone that has a full tank of natural energy. Someone that naturally promotes the core values and firm culture.”

Partner, 13 years of service At the center of RubinBrown’s vision lies inspired team members. It is our duty as a firm to foster a culture and environment that inspires team members and offers them the opportunity to do meaningful work.

This in turn, trickles down to other areas of team members’ lives. Inspired team members take their inspiration from the firm and carry it out into the communities they serve, the commitments they make to bettering the profession, and to their personal lives.


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

“An inspired team member is someone who shows up everyday with a positive attitude and truly believes they can make a difference, and wanting to in any aspect of their life.”

Team Member, 2 years of service This can be broken down into a simple equation. If team members are inspired, they will provide superior quality and service to our clients, embrace the value of teamwork, work with integrity, continue to innovate, and help carry the vision of the firm forward. One of our founders, Harvey Brown, was particularly dedicated to inspired team members. Each year, the Harvey Brown award honors a team member at the firm who is committed to inspiring other team members through a devotion to the people of RubinBrown. This award is a huge recognition for team members and speaks to their ability to live up to the core values of what we believe as a firm. At RubinBrown, we strive each day to live out the firm's cultural foundation, “Be Your Best for Others.” This means, thinking about how each of your actions may affect others. This idea works in parallel with inspired team members. You can inspire team members everyday by being your best for them. This in turn, leads us to deliver totally satisfied clients.


Chapter 1

H ave you ever had a job that you thought was “just okay?” You were not really happy or particularly excited to go to work, it was more or less just something that needed to be done, so you did it... This is the opposite of what being an inspired team member is. Inspired team members go to work each day striving to go above and beyond, and motivate their fellow team members to do the same-- ultimately then providing superior quality and service to clients. Without inspired team members, a business will be hard-pressed to be successful. How can you have success when your team does not truly care about the vision of the business and well-being of each other? Why Inspired Team Members are Integral to Our Business


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

“The idea of inspired team members drives our behavior. If you are not inspired, you are not going to give your best on a daily basis.”

Partner, 16 years of service At RubinBrown, inspired team members are an integral part of our business. Inspired team members live out all the core values of the firm, and are a great representation of RubinBrown. They are truly their best for others and motivate those around them.

“Inspired team members live the core values because they believe in the business.”

Team Member, 45 years of service

“Team members are our front line. If they are not inspired, they will not provide outstanding client service."

Partner, 23 years of service


Why Inspired Team Membersare Integral to Our Business

It’s a simple philosophy to embrace. If team members are not inspired, they will not provide superior quality and service, and then our business is rendered unsuccessful. After all, we are in the business of people. Great client service results from inspired team members. “ People are the firm’s greatest asset and the foundation of what we do everyday. Keeping people inspired is vital to firm growth.” Partner, 14 years of service “ When team members are satisfied with the work they are doing, that leads to them providing superior client service.” Team Member, 2 years of service



Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

M ost people have probably worked at a place where they did not feel truly valued or felt there was no place for them. This makes coming to work every day a challenge and definitely does not produce inspired team members. Core value #2, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown, is the first step in inspiring team members. Without devotion from every team member to their fellow team members, our team will not be inspired to put their best foot forward. At RubinBrown, we place great importance on being devoted to our team members. This is carried out in different ways, and each team member will have a different idea of what it means to them.

“ I think that the firm does a lot of things that show our devotion to our team members.”

Partner, 16 years of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

Overall, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown means focusing on inspiring team members, fostering career development to help team members succeed, providing meaningful work, and fostering a culture where team members feel valued.

At RubinBrown, we focus on career development and how we can help all team members reach their professional and personal goals.

Each team member is assigned a team of career advocates (one primary career advocate and one secondary career advocate) and a career coach upon joining the firm. These advocates take great pride in guiding team members

to reach their full career potential through developing a close-knit relationship, a series of evaluations, and goal-setting exercises throughout the year. One of the most important aspects of this career development process is to let team members know that if they are not happy or inspired in their current role that is okay and can be remedied through a change in work, work/life balance, or another approach.


Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

There is a place for every team member at RubinBrown. But, if for any reason, a team member decides that RubinBrown is not a good fit for them, we will help them find another opportunity. “Our focus is on people. What can we do to help in your career? Sometimes this results in finding a new role at RubinBrown, and that is okay.”

Partner, 13 years of service RubinBrown is filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Meaning, there are constantly opportunities to work across service lines or industry groups, or to jump in on a project of interest. This spirit of entrepreneurism is a great source of inspiration for many team members.

“RubinBrown hires a lot of top tier people that strive to be the best we can and the firm has a strong tradition of mentorship.”

Team Member, 1 year of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

Our firm’s devotion to team members fosters entrepreneurial spirit in a sense that, team members are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and take on new opportunities and projects. And, of course, it’s a two way street. We can be devoted to our team members because they are devoted to the firm. “Anything is possible at RubinBrown. And, we could not deliver this devotion to our team members without our team members also delivering for the firm.” Team Member, 19 years of service RubinBrown is also focused on providing continuing education opportunities and professional development opportunities to inspire team members, no matter their personal or professional goals.


Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

“The opportunities that we are given to work and promote ourselves and the organization shows the trust that leadership has in us.” Team Member, 4 years of service RubinBrown shows this devotion to our team members through team building activities and events. Each year, the entire firm gathers together for a firm-wide event known as Team Member Update.

Team Member Update provides the opportunity to create a renewed sense of inspiration for team members to connect with one another and further foster our culture of inspiration.

“We show our devotion to team members by putting team members first, it’s not a me approach.”

Partner, 20 years of service



A Culture of Inspiring Team Members

T he firm inspires team members through our devotion to the people of RubinBrown, and also through the culture that has been cultivated at the firm.

“Team members are at the heart of our vision.”

Team Member, 6 years of service Inspired team members are the backbone of so many initiatives that we pursue and why our culture has evolved over the years. As times change and new generations come into RubinBrown, there are different things that inspire these different groups. RubinBrown has evolved over the years to ensure this culture of inspired team members is still prevalent throughout the changing workplace.


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

“Sometimes when we think about inspiring other people, we think about grand gestures, but a little thing can go a long way.”

Manager, 10 years of service While there are many initiatives and programs that help create this culture of inspired team members, the most important thing to remember is to use the core values as a guiding light and the true north of our firm. What’s on each of our office walls is lived out on a daily basis, and this culture of teamwork, respect, and professionalism is truly the backbone to an inspired team. This culture of inspiring team members is prevalent in the respect that team members show for their fellow team members, and the collective devotion team members have to making RubinBrown a better place by embracing the strengths and even weaknesses of each other.

“Understand that your strengths might be other people’s weaknesses and vice versa. You always have something to offer to others, and they to you.”

Team Member, 3 years of service


A Culture of Inspiring Team Members

In addition, a culture of inspired team members hinges on meaningful and thought-provoking firm initiatives. When team members see that the firm is not only focused on inspiring team members to best serve clients, but also to inspire them on a personal level, this is where a true culture thrives. “An inspired team member understands that their success and the firm’s success are dependent on one another.” Team Member, 15 years of service

Initiatives like the RubinBrown Charitable Foundation do just this. The RubinBrown

Charitable Foundation enables RubinBrown team members and friends to make a positive impact in our communities through contributions and taking part in fundraising activities.


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

RubinBrown is also committed to an inclusive culture. We strive to create an inclusive culture across gender, ethnicity, nationality, lifestyle, age, sexual orientation, ability and experience to create a workplace where all ideas are valued and all team members feel they are a part of something bigger.

“People that are inspired love other people and enjoy taking care of them, helping them and serving.”

Partner, 35 years of service

The RubinBrown Inclusion Council fosters an inclusive environment at the firm in which the unique talents and perspectives of each individual are understood, valued, respected, and leveraged. The Inclusion Council oversees various inclusion related leadership development programs, and diversity and inclusion training at the firm. RubinBrown’s dedication to a culture of inspired team members also translates into a fair balance between work and personal lives. By constantly adapting to change and pursuing a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement,


A Culture of Inspiring Team Members

RubinBrown is now a full-time hybrid work environment. Meaning, team members have the flexibility to choose where they work on any given day and are able to accommodate their days to meet certain personal obligations.

“RubinBrown wants to inspire team members outside of work also.”

Manager, 6 years of service

RubinBrown offers the opportunity for team members to participate in a flexible work program, which helps maintain the balance between work and home life, depending on each team member’s individual situations and needs.

“Without inspired team members, we can’t provide that next level of superior quality and service. We believe so much in our firm, that we are wanting to share that additional expertise with clients.”

Team Member, 15 years of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

In addition to this, RubinBrown’s office environments reflect our firm core values, and create a comfortable and welcoming environment for team members to work and collaborate with access to state of the art technologies. Finally, what leads to a culture of inspiration more than having a little fun? Core value, #9, having fun, is a big part of what inspires team members at RubinBrown. You will see team members gathering for after work events and participating in activities such as intermural sports. You can see team members taking part in activities around the office such as ping-pong tournaments and celebrating birthdays.

At the firm’s annual Team Member Update, having fun comes easy as team members often gather together for competitive games and socializing.

All of these things together help create a culture of inspired team members— offering something for everyone. Remember, in order to Be Your Best for Others, team members must carry this culture forward everyday.

“Think back and remember a time when someone inspired you. Is there a way you can give this same experience to someone else?”

Team Member, 2 years of service



I nspiration can mean very different things for different team members. For one team member, it could be watching other team members live out the core values. For others, it could be engaging and challenging work. One thing is consistent when it comes to talking about what inspires team members about working at RubinBrown, and that is the people who we work with each day. What Inspires Team Members About Working at RubinBrown

“The people are a big inspiration. They are smart and hard-working people. It’s easy to be inspired when you are surrounded by these people, and easy to put in the extra work.”

Manager, 9 years of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

“Invest in others around you, create meaningful relationships, show that you care, learn about others likes and dislikes and help them in any way you can. Whether it’s your teammate or not, or your responsibility or not.”

Team Member, 15 years of service

“We are here as much as we are at home. If you think about family and friends, you want to be around people who are energetic and positive. Look at it like you do a family. Invest in your work family like you do your regular family.”

Partner, 9 years of service Team members will find that no matter what their life situation may be, RubinBrown’s devotion to team members provides a sense of inspiration. There are countless stories of team members going through a life-changing event, such as a medical concern or a death in the family, where their fellow team members have taken time to support them in so many different ways.


What Inspires Team Members About Working at RubinBrown

“We are in the service business. We serve our families, we serve our clients and most importantly, we serve each other. If we do this, we will have a culture of inspired team members. If you have the attitude that you are here to serve.”

Partner, 16 years of service

Team members are inspired not only by doing meaningful work with people around them, but also the friendships and bonds they have created working with one another.

“I think of people here as not just friends, but family. The entire team showed up at my wedding, and we hangout outside of work…and don’t even talk about work.”

Team Member, 2 years of service

“We are all on the same team working towards a common goal.”

Team Member, 4 years of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

The sense of family and community are irreplaceable in an inspired workplace.

“I look forward to coming in and seeing what everyone did over the weekend. We have a strong comradery.”

Team Member, 1 year of service

“I get a sense of community here and everyone is always willing to help one another.”

Team Member, 2 years of service

No matter where your source of inspiration lies, we must all work as one firm to make sure this culture of inspiration is fostered by helping those around us.

“Whatever you can do to help the guy in the desk next to yours is very important.”

Retired Partner



The Relationship Between Inspired Team Members & Be Your Best for Others A t RubinBrown, we anchor our beliefs in a key element of our firm’s cultural foundation: Be Your Best for Others. Being Your Best for Others includes being your best for every single person you encounter – at work, at home and in your community. Be Your Best for Others and inspired team members show a cause and effect relationship. If team members are inspired, they are more likely to be their best for others and live out this idea not only at work, but beyond.

“Be Your Best for Others is the baseline of our culture and helping people feel motivated to work in teams. If you aren’t being your best, you won’t have inspired team members.”

Manager, 6 years of service


RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

“If you are inspired, you are going to be your best because you are going to see what other people need. We all rise together. You mimic people’s behavior, and they mimic you.”

Partner, 16 years of service Without inspired team members, you will never be able to foster a culture of Be Your Best for Others; it simply does not add up. The idea of Be Your Best for Others hinges on team members that are inspired, not only in the work life, but inspired to give back to the community and profession, and carry this spirit into their personal lives.

“Be Your Best for Others is an extension of inspired team members. With just doing average or status quo, you are not really going out of the way to be your best. As others are their best for you, you are inspired and vice versa.”

Partner, 17 years of service


The Relationship Between Inspired Team Members & Be Your Best for Others

There are countless examples of Be Your Best for Others at RubinBrown, and they all come from team members who are inspired. “I see it when I am working with team members everyday. There have been times where certain projects come in later or earlier that anticipated, and you have to work together to get it resolved. This is a combination of Be Your Best for Others and inspired team members.” Team Member, 1 year of service

At RubinBrown, it is crucial to our success to treat these two ideas as connected, one in the same, and the way that we carry RubinBrown into the future.



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