RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

There is a place for every team member at RubinBrown. But, if for any reason, a team member decides that RubinBrown is not a good fit for them, we will help them find another opportunity. “Our focus is on people. What can we do to help in your career? Sometimes this results in finding a new role at RubinBrown, and that is okay.”

Partner, 13 years of service RubinBrown is filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Meaning, there are constantly opportunities to work across service lines or industry groups, or to jump in on a project of interest. This spirit of entrepreneurism is a great source of inspiration for many team members.

“RubinBrown hires a lot of top tier people that strive to be the best we can and the firm has a strong tradition of mentorship.”

Team Member, 1 year of service


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