RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members

In addition to this, RubinBrown’s office environments reflect our firm core values, and create a comfortable and welcoming environment for team members to work and collaborate with access to state of the art technologies. Finally, what leads to a culture of inspiration more than having a little fun? Core value, #9, having fun, is a big part of what inspires team members at RubinBrown. You will see team members gathering for after work events and participating in activities such as intermural sports. You can see team members taking part in activities around the office such as ping-pong tournaments and celebrating birthdays.

At the firm’s annual Team Member Update, having fun comes easy as team members often gather together for competitive games and socializing.

All of these things together help create a culture of inspired team members— offering something for everyone. Remember, in order to Be Your Best for Others, team members must carry this culture forward everyday.

“Think back and remember a time when someone inspired you. Is there a way you can give this same experience to someone else?”

Team Member, 2 years of service


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