RubinBrown: Inspired Team Members, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown


Devotion to the People of RubinBrown

M ost people have probably worked at a place where they did not feel truly valued or felt there was no place for them. This makes coming to work every day a challenge and definitely does not produce inspired team members. Core value #2, Devotion to the People of RubinBrown, is the first step in inspiring team members. Without devotion from every team member to their fellow team members, our team will not be inspired to put their best foot forward. At RubinBrown, we place great importance on being devoted to our team members. This is carried out in different ways, and each team member will have a different idea of what it means to them.

“ I think that the firm does a lot of things that show our devotion to our team members.”

Partner, 16 years of service


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